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More Sport Psychology Articles continued

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Perform Under Pressure When College Coaches Are Watching
Dr. Cohn and Jen Croneberger discuss how softball players can perform under pressure when college coaches are watching. Learn how to remain confident, focused, and composed in softball . . . Mental Training Tip

How to Break Performance Barriers in Sports
Dr. Patrick Cohn, interviews Pamela Millican, a peak performance coach, former British and European surf champion, and snow board coachDr. Cohn and Pamela Milican talk about how to overcome mental game barriers in sports to perform your best . . . Mental Training Tip

Overcoming Adversity and Mental Game Challenges
Dr. Patrick Cohn, interviews Chris DePiero. Chris DePiero is the current head coach and general manager of the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League. Dr. Cohn and Chris DePiero talk about overcoming adversity in sports . . . Mental Training Tip

Eli Manning Keeps Believing
How important is the mental game in the NFL playoffs? It's such an important factor that it can change the outcome of a competition, especially when you or your teammates are forced to step up and make game-winning plays . . . Mental Training Tip

Athletic Resilience and Overcoming Adversity in Sports
Dr. Patrick Cohn, interviews Joel Curtis, a mental coach with 12 years of experience working with athletes. Joel talks about the importance of athletic resilience and how to overcome defeat. They give you mental game tips to improve your performance. . . . Mental Training Tip

New Program! The Focused Sports Kid - 40% off for one week
"The Focused Sports Kid" helps sports kids who get easily distracted and can't regain their focus in competition. In this program, you and your athlete learn concentration-boosting strategies to help young athletes develop laser focus during competition . . . Mental Training Tip

The Psychology of Sports Injury - Recovering from Mental Scars
Dr. Cohn and Mental Coach, Karen Fanjoy talk about challenges associated with sports injury and how to recover from mental scars that are often left after injury. Learn how to overcome fear of re-injury . . . Mental Training Tip

The Mental Side of Motor Sports with Matti Jaakkola
Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews Matti Jaakkola, a sports psycologist and president of the Sports Psychology Association in Finland. Matti talks about how to overcome the mental game challenges of motor sports. He discusses key components . . . Mental Training Tip

Optimize Confidence in Sports with Mental Coach Paul Ashbrook
mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews mental coach Paul Ashbrook, who works top 25 men's golf team at University of San Diego. Paul Ashbrook helps athletes optimize their performance and enjoyment in sports . . . Mental Training Tip

Mario Andretti on Winning with a Strong Mental Game
Dr. Cohn interviews Mario Andretti, one of the most successful race car drivers in the sport. He is one of only two drivers to win races in Formula One, IndyCar, World Sportscar Championship and NASCA. Dr. Cohn asks Mario about what it takes to be successful . . . Mental Training Tip

Coping With Pressure in Sports - Mental Coach Paul Miller
Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews mental coach Paul Miller about his approach to working with athletes and how to cope with pressure. He talks about how he helps athletes get the best out of themselves and what gets in the way of achieving . . . Mental Training Tip

Staying Focused in Sports with Simon Hartley
Mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews Simon Hartley Simon Hartley, a sports psychologist who works with gold medalists and world record holders. Simon talks about how to stay focused on the task at hand instead of results . . . Mental Training Tip

How to Apply Mental Game Strategies to Competition
Dr. Cohn helps you understand how to practice the mental game in your training and how to take it to competition so you can perform your best and have a consistent mental game performance. Learn how to apply mental strategies to practice and competition. . . . Mental Training Tip

Webinar- Proactive vs. Reactive Confidence: Don't Leave Confidence to Chance
Dr. Cohn and NFL player JJ Birden teach you how to take greater control of your confidence instead of waiting for your performance to click. You will learn how to have proactive confidence rather than reactive confidence in your sport. . . . Mental Training Tip

Webinar: How to Focus at Peak Levels Under Pressure with NFL Player JJ Birden
Dr. Patrick Cohn and former Pro football player J.J. Birden give a one hour Webinar on sports psychology strategies to help athletes perform at their peak under pressure. Birden shares his story about how he overcame pressure to succeed in the NFL. . . . Mental Training Tip

10 Tips to Avoid The Confidence Roller Coaster
Sports at any level is a game of confidence. When you have it, your skills shine. When confidence sinks, you don't perform up to your capabilities. But confidence for many athletes is too fragile or fleeting in my opinion. . . . Mental Training Tip

Focusing Your Best When Scouts are Watching
Regular distractions such as fans, injury, results, opponents etc. can be hard enough to block out. Throw in the added pressure of college coaches or scouts watching you perform and many athletes struggle with their mental game. . . . Mental Training Tip

Stosur's Mental Game Helps Her Upset Williams at Open
Stosur's mental focus, tactics, and powerful shots helped her win the US Open over Williams, 6-2, 6-3. Stosur was the underdog in her mind, and many others, but still managed to win a lopsided match for her first US Open title . . . Mental Training Tip

Displaying Matches 18 thru 35 of 288 Found BACK NEXT

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