Sports psychology and mental training programs for athletes and coaches. Boost mental toughness with exclusive mental game articles, interviews, tips and seminars from sports psychology expert and coach Dr. Patrick Cohn.
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Home | Peaksports Experts
Peaksports Experts
Sports psychology, Mental Toughness & Mental Game Expert Contributors

We have assembled the best team of sports psychology experts, mental game coaches, and sports psychologists to help athletes, teams, coaches and performers reach peak performance faster. If you want to improve your mental game and performance with the best sports psychology experts in the country, peaksports membership is the right place!

PATRICK J. COHN, Ph.D., As the president and founder of Peak Performance Sports, Dr. Patrick J. Cohn works with athletes and teams worldwide from a variety of sport backgrounds. He has consulted with the Miami Dolphins, PGA and LPGA Tour winners, national motocross champions, and several others professional and amateur athletes from a variety of sports. He has authored several books including Going Low, Peak Performance Golf, The Mental Art of Putting, and The Mental Game of Golf. In addition to working with athletes and teams worldwide, Dr. Cohn's MGCP program teaches coaches, athletic trainers, and mental coaches in training how to help athletes achieve peak performance. For more information, visit for one on one mental training programs.

KEN RAVIZZA, Ph.D., Co-author of Heads Up Baseball Dr. Ken Ravizza is a professor of kinesiology and health promotion at CSUF in Fullerton, CA. One of the pioneers in the field of applied sports psychology, Ken teaches sports psychology at CSUF, and is a sport psychology consultant for the Titan Baseball, U.S. Olympic teams, the Anaheim Angels and many collegiate teams. Ken is one of the most respected baseball and gymnastic sport psychology consultants in the United States.

TOM HANSON, PH.D., Professional coach Tom Hanson, Ph.D., is the CEO of Heads-Up Performance, Inc., and helps individuals and teams focus on the "M.I.T." -- the Most Important Things. He was the full-time director of Performance Enhancement with the New York Yankees in 2001, and has also consulted with the Texas Rangers, Anaheim Angels and Minnesota Twins. In the business world, Hanson serves as an executive coach, facilitating individual and team performance. Hanson co-authored the book "Heads-up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time," His website,, is a "Mental Toughness Resource for Players, Coaches and Parents."

JEFF JANSSEN, M.S., Jeff Janssen, M.S. helps coaches and athletes develop the team chemistry, mental toughness, and leadership skills necessary to win championships. Janssen is the co-developer and lead instructor of the prestigious Carolina Leadership Academy, widely considered the top leadership development program in collegiate athletics. He has presented programs at Michigan, Tennessee, Stanford, Texas, Purdue, NC State, Florida, and dozens of other colleges across the nation. He authored: Championship Team Building, The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches, and The Team Captain's Leadership Manual. Visit for more info.

CHRISTIE GIALLORETO, M. Sc., C.C.C. Christie is a Mental Skills Training Consultant with Westmount Consulting. Christie works with mostly young athletes in many different sports and skill levels. Currently, she is one of two sport psychology service providers for 10 Team Alberta teams preparing for the 2005 Canada Summer Games. A graduate of Radford University and Springfield College, she has worked in many sports such as NCAA Div. I, professional hockey (AHL, IHL), 1999 Pan American Games, 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games, and 2004 Arctic Winter Games. She is also a Canadian certified counselor. Email:

KAY McDANIEL, Kay is a former professional tennis player who competed at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the French Open numerous times and played against legends such as Billie Jean King, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, and Steffi Graf. She was ranked in the top 30 in the world in singles, top 20 in doubles. She won the first British Airlines Concord Award for the "Fastest Serve in Women's Tennis" in 1986. She is currently a university professor of Health Science for 15 years. She writes a weekly column on "Sport Psyching" for the Chattanooga Free Press and writes numerous articles on mental training and peak performance.