Sports psychology and mental training programs for athletes and coaches. Boost mental toughness with exclusive mental game articles, interviews, tips and seminars from sports psychology expert and coach Dr. Patrick Cohn.
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Home | Member Benefits

Become a Member of the Sports Psychology Expert - Peak Performance Sports

"Proven Sports Psychology Strategies to
Quickly Improve Mental Toughness for Sports."

Find your zone with Peaksports online mental training program:

For starters, gain unlimited access to over 600 pages of the latest professional mental training programs by our team of respected sports psychology experts. Read the secrets to mental toughness on your time!

Get the mental edge for competition by getting personal coaching with Dr. Cohn during his live teleseminars! You can join live teleclasses OR listen to the audio recordings (on your own schedule) of all 20 classes (and growing) to boost your performance! (Click here for a free preview).

Learn the top mental training secrets from the pros! You will be able to listen to streaming audio interviews with high profile championship athletes and coaches who share the positive impact that mental toughness has had on them and their players. (Click here for a free preview).

Get quick answers and expert advice to solve your mental game challenges from our staff of professionals! Ask Dr. Cohn and his staff of sports psychology experts your mental game questions and listen to streaming audio from sports psychology professionals. (Click here for a free preview).

Read over 50 confidence-boosting mental training sessions by Dr. Cohn himself. These daily sessions are the same mental toughness lessons he teaches to his personal coaching students who have excelled in their sport. (Click here for a free preview).

Learn the top 4 methods to boost your pregame mental toughness with our unique mental imagery programs! Download and MP3 mental imagery program to help you develop a confident mindset before competition.

Learn the 5 strategies to improving your focus or your team's focus quickly with our specialized macromedia flash seminars. One of the newest additions to out vault of mental training tools, members can access the flash seminars from any computer! (Click here for a free preview).

Interact with other members in our member's only forum! All great athletes know that one of the keys to improved performance is having the motivational support of other athletes who are also striving for peak performance. Our member's forum allows you to post questions and interact with other members who are enjoying the benefits of Peak Performance Sports' mental training.

Build a personal library of the top sports psychology, inspirational leadership, and teamwork books on the market today. We'll start your library off right by suggesting the top mental training and teamwork books in the area of sports psychology and performance enhancement.

Read the latest sports psychology and mental training book reviews in our new book review section to help you decide if a new book is worth purchasing. (Click here for a free preview).

Receive bi-monthly updates via email of new mental training material and sports psychology techniques recently added to our web site. We add new mental toughness content to the web site every week!

Peaksports Network Individual Plans:

One-Year Regular Membership - 169.00 per year

Premium One-Year Membership* - $395 per year

*Includes a full year of email coaching with Dr. Cohn and his exclusive Mental Training Plan area on Peaksports.

New Peaksports Team/Group Plans:

10 Person Group Membership - $850.00 ($85/person)

20 Person Group Membership - $1495.00 ($75/person)

50 Person Group Membership - 3250.00 ($65/person)

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Read More About Peaksports Online Mental Training System

From Our Members:

“The amount of knowledge I’ve learned from your e-books, books and podcasts at peaksports network is fantastic! You’re the best Mental Training coach I’ve found. I research the subject a lot and other sport psychologists aren't as comprehensive as you. Several of my golfers have read your website tips and books with great results. The money I’ve invested in becoming a Premium Member at Peaksports Network has been one of the best investments I've professionally and personally made.”
~Gavin Clark, PGA Winter Hill Golf Club

“I am a PGA Professional and wanted some ideas to help my students, but my own game has improved! I think I will shoot 69, negative thoughts have vanished, and my self-talk and confidence has improved tremendously. I will be referring my students to your web site.”
~Bill Allen, PGA Pro

" web site is so exciting. I researched them all and without a doubt your mental training site is the best! The vast amount of programs provides helps athletes and coaches achieve higher levels of excellence in sports."
~Doug Bolander, Peaksports member

“I love the teleclasses on Keep up the great work!”
~Hamish Macleod, member

“I have had a great month. Cut from 3.3 to 2.1 and have won 2 medals, a stableford and a sponsored tournament just yesterday for the best gross score. A lot of this success is due to your mental training techniques and I thank you for your help and advice thus far both in person and from your website.”
~Steven, Peaksports member

“Dr. Cohn has taught me a tremendous amount through his work. Peaksports teleclasses are excellent interactive sessions. Check out his membership site - it’s helped my game.”
~Sean Stevens, High School Golfer

“Dr. Cohn, you have really done your homework on Every time I go to peaksports, I find something new and your insight is impeccable. Thanks for all the wisdom and taking the time to teach it others.”
~Jeff Miner, member

“Patrick, with your great instruction on the mental game, I had the best nationals I have ever had. And even more important, I got through the five days relaxed and had fun – a new concept in my life! The bottom line – I got five firsts and one second! Thank you are just what I needed.”
~Dennis O’Brien, peaksports member

"Everything on the site is great! I like your ABC approach…First you do this, then you do that. By reading your e-book; "Mental Strategies to Perform Your Best" I instantly know what to do and what's important. I am getting a boost in my self-esteem and feeling the self-efficacy getting up a nudge by doing the things you suggest."
~Karsten Nilsen, Peaksports member

“Thank you for sharing your personal insights and experience with me. Your articles have been a tremendous help to me as a Mental Skills Coach even before I signed up for your peak performance membership, and now with access to your e-library and e-books, these resources have been very useful in my sessions with the athletes whom I work with. I am very honored and privileged to be acquainted with your work and have a mentor like yourself to guide me and provide invaluable resources through your Peak Performance website membership.”
~Chris Lee, Peaksports Member

(100% Secure Order Form)

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 Peaksports Satisfied Members
"The amount I’ve learned from your e-books, books and podcasts at peaksports is fantastic! Peaksports is one of the best investments I’ve made professionally and personally!"
~Gavin Clark, Member

"Dr. Cohn, keep up the AWESOME work with Peaksports Network!!! Overall your information, articles, and teleclasses are simply outstanding!."
~Radek Sefcik, Member

"Again, thank you for so many materials. The audio programs are TERRIFIC, especially coupled with your personal emails."
~Becky Dean, Member

"Since our teleclass, I had my best competition rounds ever. The website information is great and I really enjoy the interviews."
~Reggie Leigh, Member

"With your mental game coaching, I can redirect my focus now. Your mental training program works great with any sport!"
~Pam Busch, Member

"I 'm ecstatic to find your web site! Thanks so much for creating such a great web site with all the materials in one place!"
~Jeff Miner, Member

"I am very honored and privileged to be acquainted with your awesome work and have a mentor like yourself to guide me.”
~Chris Lee, Member

“Patrick, with your great instruction on the mental game, I had the best nationals ever! Thanks, you are just what I needed.”
~Dennis O’Brien, Member

" web site is so exciting. I studied them all and without a doubt your mental training site is the best!”
~Doug Bolander, Member

“I go on the membership site almost every day. It's a great site and has already been well worth the membership fee.”
~Geoff Kehler, Member

"The site offers excellent articles, easy-to-use audio programs, and great advice from the master himself, Dr. Patrick Cohn!”
~Justin Walsh, Member